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  • A study by HHS (ACL), Oasis Institute, US Aging and Altarum of pilot site Ascension St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, MD shows a 2:1 ROI and a 92% reduction in no-shows and cancellations, yielding better health outcomes and avoiding delayed and deferred care and the risk of acute care and Emergency Room visits among those who might not have had access to the available stream of transport despite their desire and need.

  • Programs are providing a solution to complications with discharge, ranging from those patients who do not have family, friends, or neighbors to pick them up for the return trip home, discharge room overflow, and procedures requiring anesthesia. Pre- and post-tests and data from hospital staff have positively assessed the satisfaction of patients and volunteers, and anecdotal evidence attests to significant reductions in no-shows at healthcare providers and clinics.

  • Programs have been shown to work in most settings, from small suburban towns to large urban centers, with its basic core principle of neighbors helping neighbors, managed by local CBOs and healthcare providers. 

  • Programs have shown that the Chaperone/client relationship positively affects multiple social determinants of health, including social vulnerability tied to health measures, and has intergenerational benefits when younger Chaperones assist older clients. 

  • Recruiting Chaperones has proven easier than asking volunteer drivers to use their own cars. It has allowed volunteer drivers to drive more clients in their allotted time, obviating the need for a driver to exit a vehicle, park, and walk. 

  • Programs have shown that a Volunteer Chaperone can make every form of transport accessible and provide confidence, safety, and accessibility to rideshare drivers and, eventually, autonomous vehicles for homebound patients. 

  • Potential expansion occurs as more sites sign on to the program and local CBOs and healthcare providers see the need filled by adding to their transportation offerings. TrustedRiders will identify successes in other communities with similar demographic profiles and market to prospects.






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