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The TrustedRiders Solution

Giving You Safety and Security 

TR Chaperones give you added safety and security in trips to and from medical procedures and doctor's office visits.


TrustedRiders provides a screened, trained, and certified chaperone as a responsible adult and short-term companion to ensure a safe travel home. Our chaperone eliminates the need for a driver to leave their vehicle to assist a passenger, making rideshare, other commercial transport, and volunteer driver services accessible where they might not have been before.  

Providing a Flexible Solution for Discharge "to the Company of a Responsible Adult" 

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance will not pay for outpatient procedures at an HOPD/ASC unless the patient is “discharged to the company of a responsible adult.”  Currently, to meet this requirement of having a previously identified person sign a patient out and drive the patient home, there are few options short of imposing on family, friends, and neighbors (or resorting to expensive “door-through-door” services) to secure transport following a procedure. Many anesthesiologists will cancel or postpone procedures if a responsible adult has not been identified before the procedure.

TrustedRiders Service Covers a Wide Range of Procedures and Doctor's Office Visits

For those patients of any age undergoing the more than 35 million procedures performed annually at hospital outpatient departments and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (23 million at ASCs alone, expected to grow to 27 million in 2021), ranging from endoscopies to cataract surgery to pain management, many patients either must impose on family, friends or neighbors for discharge, lack anyone nearby to ask to drive them, or simply have trouble scheduling or finding a secure ride to or from procedures or doctor's office visits.

TR Chaperones are Pre-booked for Your Rides by Our Service Working with Your Healthcare Provider

For your ride from your procedure or visit,  your TR Chaperone is pre-booked in advance by TrustedRiders working with your Healthcare Provider's Clinic or Doctor's Office, sparing you concern and giving you peace of mind for your ride home.

TR Checks on Your Condition Upon Your Arrival at Your Door

TR Chaperones ask patients how they are doing upon arrival at the door and will report a situation that needs immediate action to your doctor's office, in a time period normally quicker than your call to check from a nurse.

Why You May Need a TrustedRiders Chaperone

Hospital Waiting Room

Makes scheduling procedures easier

Makes scheduling procedures easier

In today’s world, with extended families living hundreds if not thousands of miles apart, FaceTime just does not do the trick when you need to get to or from the doctor’s office or to secure a ride home from an endoscopy, cataract surgery, or countless day procedures, particularly when your discharge requires the help of a "responsible adult." Not everyone has family members, friends, or neighbors available to give them a ride home.

Our TrustedRiders Chaperones have been screened, trained, and certified, so you will have no worries --- and an advocate whose only mission is your comfort and safety. When friends, family or neighbors can’t be there. Or if you just want to enjoy your independence . . . call TrustedRiders to be by your side!

No need to miss another doctor's appointment or call 911 for a nonemergency ride

No need to miss another doctor's appointment or call 911 for a nonemergency ride

Seniors miss doctors appointments due to transportation issues

An estimated 15%-30% of doctor’s appointments are missed by seniors due to transportation problems.

Older adults often call ambulance service for non-emergency needs

Conversion to rideshare transport to primary care providers saves transport costs and avoids more costly ER protocols.

Rideshare companies are already partnering with healthcare systems

Partnerships exist to bridge the senior transportation gap, but more can be done.

Social Isolation

Social Isolation

Social isolation is unhealthy, dangerous and expensive for older Americans

According to a new study by AARP and Stanford University, researchers estimate that 14 percent of older adults enrolled in original Medicare — or 4 million people — have meager social networks.

Social isolation translates into an estimated $6.7 billion in added yearly Medicare spending.

The federal health care program spends an average of $1,608 MORE a year for each older person who has limited social connections than for those who are more socially active.

Seniors often lose their automobility

Seniors often lose their automobility

Many no longer drive or have cars

This creates a particular challenge when they have healthcare needs. Rideshare curb-to-curb service falls short of the mark, particularly for individuals with healthcare needs.

Seniors are not yet comfortable with Rideshare Services

Only 6% of current rideshare passengers are over the age of 55. 

Only 4% of people over age 65 have ever tried rideshare.


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